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Automic® Continuous Delivery Automation

Drive agility and speed to digital business apps and core commercial applications.

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Automic Continuous Delivery Automation from CA Technologies

CA Technologies is the leader in business automation. Customers rely on Automic Continuous Delivery Automation (formerly CA Continuous Delivery Automation) to drive continuous delivery across the enterprise for their cloud-native apps, core packaged apps, classic middleware apps and legacy mainframe apps. Automic Continuous Delivery Automation empowers digital transformation giving businesses the agility, speed and reliability required to stay competitive in the digital age. Partner with CA Technologies to provide consistent, repeatable and auditable deployments across all of your continuous delivery pipelines.

Agile development methodologies applied pressure on delivery pipelines by introducing smaller, yet more frequent updates. Then came business demand for faster and more frequent releases into production due to competitive pressures and market disruption.

Since Operations are both responsive to interruption and responsible for stability and compliance, they often can’t keep pace with developers. They can’t invite risk, no matter how small, into production environment.

Most application release automation vendors focus on providing continuous delivery capabilities. However, if the definition of continuous delivery is to make production updates available for production deployment, then continuous delivery stops at production’s door. Continuous deployment is the next step, where approved updates are not just made available for production deployments, they can be automatically deployed into production.

Production-proven release automation ensures predictability and compliance for deployments of both production and lower environments. Automic Continuous Delivery Automation enables both continuous delivery and continuous deployment.

Customers using Automic Continuous Delivery Automation no longer need to maintain custom scripts for deployment, configuration and provisioning. CA Technologies customers move beyond islands of automation and separate practices for PROD and non-PROD. CA customers become agile enterprises that scale from mainframe to microservices.

Automic Continuous Delivery Automation Features

Built in Terraform Support

Support for immutable, masterless, agentless and declarative code to Kubernetes, Azure, AWS and GCP.

Rapid Deployment of All Applications

Deploy any application anytime, anywhere.

Reduce Complexity

Combine multiple environments into a single blueprint for ultimate flexibility.

Microservices deployment and governance

Protect PROD environments with visibility and traceability. Generate and update apps using HELM charts and parameter management.

Scales From Mobile to Mainframe

Scale from mobile to mainframe with more endpoints, applications deployed and deployments into production than anyone else.

Repeatable and Reliable Processes

Ensure repeatable and reliable processes through object-oriented architecture and multi-tenancy.

Plug-and-Play Tool Choice

Provide a plug-and-play tool choice with no coding required via CA Automation Marketplace.

Proactive Remediation

Drive proactive remediation via app performance management, SLAs and deployment runtime metrics.

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Eliminates manual processes, reducing the risk of missing steps in the deployment

It has performed well. On a day-to-day basis, it has increased the capacity to deploy. We don't have to wait for someone to do something. As long as it changes, then we can always deploy to an environment on demand.


Source: IT Central Station

Gives us insight into the deployment process and metrics for evaluating it

It has been performing very well for us. It lets us multitask much better, gives us a lot more confidence in what we do. The speed which it deploys, and the accuracy along with giving insight into what's happening during the deployment.


Source: IT Central Station

Reduces our time to market considerably with automated and consistent results

CA Automic stood out there. We started using it for both our service orchestration pieces as well as for release automation. I would say our headwind, or our time to market, is reduced considerably. It also cut down a lot of re-work for us.


Source: IT Central Station

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