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CA Automic Continuous Delivery for SAP Hybris

Protect your customers’ experience with CA Automic Continuous Delivery for SAP Hybris.

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Bring Agility and Speed to SAP Hybris

The pressure and demands of the digital age require you to bring out new ideas one step ahead of your competition; downtime and lags in releasing your product are simply not an option and will directly harm your consumer experience, impacting top line revenue growth. At the core of your customer journey is SAP Hybris, a multichannel e-commerce solution, driving user experience, thus making it one of the most critical systems for the online business.

But these systems are highly complex, with a multitude of dependencies to other systems. Moreover, configuration drifts (per package/release, environment and target server) using manual or scripted approaches lower quality, a problem that is compounded by a lack of reliable and accurate test data. 

Therefore, you need to find a way to increase the frequency, quality and safety of your release, regardless of app complexity or environment location. Furthermore, you must mitigate the risk of changes in your production systems by continuously testing apps even in the early stages of the software development lifecycle. 

End-to-end automation with CA Automic Continuous Delivery for SAP Hybris is the solution you’re looking for.

CA Automic Continuous Delivery for SAP Hybris Features

A Reliable and Reusable Model-Based Approach

Enable environment-agnostic deployment scenarios

Automatically Configure
Your Artifacts

Based on environment, target servers, and package- or version-specific parameters


As-code capabilities allow you to ensure an automation standard across the enterprise with minimal adoption and process friction

Compliance and Audit Support

Spot any changes made to apps outside of your automation mechanics

Interface Flexibility

Access pre-built functionality or interoperate with your deployment pipelines in the manner most comfortable to you

The Benefits of CA Automic Continuous Delivery for SAP Hybris

Improve Customer Experience

Get higher service availability with end-to-end automation across the deployment pipeline

Increase Visibility

Defined handovers give people the information they need to plan and manage releases

Accurate Test Data

Use SAP Hybris System Copy as a self-service to your developers and testers, allowing even more tests and improving the quality of your Hybris-based apps

Gain Quick Wins

Make the most of out-of-the-box integrations for SAP Hybris related release and deployment activities

Improve Quality

Shift-left for faster feedback due to increased availability of test systems and increased productivity of testers

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