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Zero Touch SAP Kernel Upgrades

Keep your systems up-to-date with Zero Touch SAP Kernel Upgrades.

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Bring Quality and Agility to SAP Kernel Upgrades

Your SAP systems are critical to your business, and keeping them up-to-date when new patches are available increases their security and reliability. However, complex SAP dependencies make patches difficult to implement quickly, visibly and traceably.

Since kernel rollouts are different every time and from system to system, your organization may still do these error-prone processes manually—leaving you with the choice to either tie up key resources with these tasks or open the enterprise up to the vulnerabilities caused by being out of date.

There’s another way: your SAP upgrades can be agile when you use end-to-end, zero touch automation to apply kernel version updates and patch sets. This automation solution supports both standalone and distributed architectures, allowing you to establish reliable, reusable upgrade procedures that scale with your SAP systems.

Set your organization on the path to digital transformation by taking advantage of the new capabilities in SAP kernel upgrades as they become available. Gain the ability to monitor your systems with insights and reports that provide overviews of upgrade frequency, and improve compliance by providing an audit trail. You can also stay ahead of the competition by taking advantage of zero downtime releases using SAP Rolling Kernel Switch (RKS).

CA Zero Touch SAP Kernel Upgrades is the patch solution your SAP systems need. 

Zero Touch SAP Kernel Upgrades Features

A Reliable and Reusable Model-Based Approach

Enable environment-agnostic deployment scenarios


As-code capabilities allow you to ensure an automation standard across the enterprise with minimal adoption and process friction

Compliance and Audit Support

Create traceable executions of SAP patching processes

Interface Flexibility

Access pre-built functionality or interoperate with your SAP kernel upgrades in the manner most comfortable to you

The Benefits of Zero Touch SAP Kernel Upgrades

Increase Visibility

Monitor all SAP environments and systems and make use of automatically generated reports and insights

Save Resources

Give your SAP Basis experts and application owners time back by automating repetitive tasks

Boost Security

Get the security advantages of SAP patches as soon as they are available

Improve Quality

Remove human error from your SAP kernel upgrades, and use automated roll-backs to prevent non-human error

Gain Speed

Reduce the duration of SAP kernel upgrades by up to 90%

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