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Automic® Continuous Delivery Director

(formerly CA Continuous Delivery Director)

Make your release planning and management as agile as your development.

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Automic Continuous Delivery Director, offered in SaaS and on-premises, automates app delivery with a single, agile point of control.

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Dynamic Release Management

Automic Continuous Delivery Director (formerly CA Continuous Delivery Director) provides a real-time workflow for monitoring and managing features and fixes throughout your entire pipeline. The result?

  • Teams have full visibility into app progress
  • Multi-app dependencies are easily managed
  • Development efforts consistently map to business requirements

This is more than release planning. It’s end-to-end orchestration and optimization that drives a culture of shared ownership between all your teams—and helps you deliver higher-quality applications faster.

Coordinated Release Planning and Scheduling Across Multiple Apps

Reduce release complexity by seeing multiple releases in one coherent calendar view. You’ll be able to quickly identify conflicts and maintenance windows, and easily adjust schedules as needed.

The Release Tracks feature lets you coordinate multiple releases into the same production schedule, with the ability to monitor those releases within the context of milestones and readiness criteria.

Intelligent Continuous Testing Workflow

To deliver apps continuously, you can’t wait weeks on testing to complete. Automic Continuous Delivery Director enables continuous testing orchestration where quality is everyone’s responsibility. It integrates the testing toolchain for an automated, more efficient workflow from planning through production.

You’ll gain the benefits of:

  • High visibility to test execution with status at every phase
  • Accelerated development fixes with faster feedback
  • Release risk assessment based on real-time test results

Taken together, it creates a rigorous, parallel testing regimen that dramatically improves app quality.

Configurable Dashboard, Actionable Analytics

Thanks to a centralized, configurable dashboard, you can see stats on release productivity and identify bottlenecks, as well as monitor the evolution of your teams. You can also create powerful content and pipeline reports to share.

It’s end-to-end transparency of your entire pipeline—allowing you to drive collaborative DevOps resolution and continuously improve your quality and performance.

Full Visibility of User Stories in the Pipeline

Automic Continuous Delivery Director integrates with Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) tools such as Rally Software® (formerly CA Agile Central) and Jira—giving you the ability to link and track application stories to releases.

Use this data-driven foundation to closely collaborate with dev teams. And enhance your app planning and prioritization with full visibility into what features and fixes are being delivered when, what other releases are in the pipeline, and the specific content in each release.


Automic Continuous Delivery Director helps our customers succeed. But don’t take our word for it.  

United Airline’s measured release transformation and how they are leveraging Automic Continuous Delivery Director.

A large European financial institution uses Automic Continuous Delivery Director for release orchestration and continuous testing.


Ecosystem Integrations

With Automic Continuous Delivery Director, you can view and download optional integration extensions for the many technologies and solutions.

System Requirements

Operating System Support—Automic Continuous Delivery Director is certified to run on the following 64-bit Windows and Linux operating systems: Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1, Windows Server 2012 and 2012 R2, Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.5 to 7.3 and CentOS Enterprise OS 6.5 to 7.3. Installation on additional 64-bit Linux operating systems that support Apache Tomcat 8 and JRE 8 is supported, but is not certified or tested.

Software Requirements—Automic Continuous Delivery Director requires the following software to be configured on your system: Apache Tomcat 8.x, Java JRE 8.x (64-bit), or (MySQL databases only) MySQL JDBC database driver 5.1.34 or later. 


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