Continuous Delivery Director Integration Hub

View and download optional integration extensions for a variety of technologies and solutions.

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New and Noteworthy Integrations

Agile Central (Rally)

CA Agile Central enhances DevOps processes with visibility and insight across the continuous delivery pipeline.


Shift testing left and automate continuous testing in your releases.

Sauce Labs (SaaS only)

Easily scale to speed up test cycles and boost capacity without the hassle of managing your own infrastructure.

How to Beat the Biggest Bottleneck to Continuous Cloud Deployments: Manual Testing 

Available Plug-ins

Don’t know which you need? Action Packs are collections of workflow activities that provide integration directly from a release process workflow, while Plug-ins enable users of third-party solutions to execute CA Release Automation processes and deployments from within the specific solution.

CA Continuous Delivery Director

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