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Continuous Delivery Automation

Automate your deployments end-to-end as part of a fully orchestrated continuous delivery pipeline.

Automic Continuous Delivery Automation delivers application-ready infrastructures to help you achieve continuous delivery through dev, test and production environments. The Automic Continuous Delivery Automation plug-in for Automic Continuous Delivery Director allows you to import the Application model (applications, environments, etc.) from the integrated Automic Continuous Delivery Automation instance and start both application and general workflows directly from the Automic Continuous Delivery Director user interface to enable ‘mission control’ for your releases.

Deploy applications between environments.

  • Import application model (applications, environments, etc.)
  • Start application workflow
  • Start general workflow

Product: Continuous Delivery Automation

Category: Deploy

Type: Plug-In

Integrates with: Automic Continuous Delivery Director

Support by: CA

Automic Continuous Delivery Director

Continuous Delivery Orchestration and Optimization for Every Team

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