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Interact with REST-enabled remote components.

The CA REST plug-in provides an interface to perform REST operations in a release. The CA REST plug-in provides a way to interact with REST-enabled remote components that do not have a packaged plug-in. Use the CA REST plug-in to perform HTTP operations on any web-based remote application that has a REST API. Plus, get REST progress updates with an equivalent “get status” API and see execution progress directly in the CDD UI. 

Perform and monitor progress of REST operations in a release.

  • The REST plug-in lets you execute a REST (HTTP) call in a task.
  • Monitor progress of the REST task in the CDD UI.
  • The task has the flexibility to interface with any remote component that has a REST interface.

Product: REST

Category: Other

Type: Plug-In

Integrates with: Automic Continuous Delivery Director

Support by: CA

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