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Execute Jenkins jobs from within a release pipeline.

The Jenkins plug-in provides an interface in CDD for running project builds in Jenkins. It allows you to start and stop existing project builds through the Jenkins REST API and get their status (failed, passed). This helps you to leverage existing jobs defined in Jenkins, including build, deploy and tests activities.

Track and view build numbers as they progress through the dev cycle, and easily track issues back to their source. Configuration options allow you to choose which builds enter the pipeline, or choose all builds for continuous deployment. Builds are automatically promoted in the pipeline upon successful completion of each defined task and phase in the SDLC.

  • Support Jenkins job execution from within release pipeline.
  • Interface resides in CDD - starts build and subsequent pipeline execution upon approval initiated in CDD.

Orchestrate Continuous Delivery from Build to Production.

  • Integrate Build/CI with Continuous Delivery with streamlined orchestration and “shift left” capabilities.
  • Track build numbers as they progress in the pipeline.
  • Continuously improve with reports and dashboard data: how many builds vs. deployments, time spent in tasks, etc.  

Product: Jenkins

Category: Build

Type: Plug-In

Integrates with: Automic Continuous Delivery Director

Support by: CA

Automic Continuous Delivery Director

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