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JFrog Artifactory

Automatically trigger a release execution when new artifacts are ready.

Similar to triggering a release cycle when a new build is ready, this plugin can automatically trigger and track a new release cycle when new artifacts are ready. CA Continuous Delivery Director can also trigger automatic syncs between Artifactory and Bintray, ensuring continued synchronization.

With JFrog Artifactory you can:

  • Orchestrate and automate the continuous delivery process from dev to production. 
  • Track artifact packages for audit and reference purposes. 
  • Easily move artifacts from Artifactory to Bintray.

Product: JFrog Artifactory

Category: Build

Type: Plug-In

Integrates with: Automic Continuous Delivery Director

Support by: CA

Automic Continuous Delivery Director

Continuous Delivery Orchestration and Optimization for Every Team

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