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Integrate TeamCity CI into the CD pipeline.

The JetBrains TeamCity plug-In lets you easily add completed builds to your pipeline for deployment, testing, and production.

The TeamCity integration enables zero-touch continuous delivery, continuous testing, and continuous deployment. This plug-in fully integrates TeamCity CI and build functionality into the robust CA Continuous Delivery Director pipeline planning, management, and orchestration functionality. Enable the TeamCity plug-in to connect TeamCity builds directly to the Continuous Delivery pipeline so that a successful build triggers pipeline execution.

Orchestrate Zero Touch CI/CD.

  • Integrate Build/CI with Continuous Delivery with streamlined orchestration and “shift left” capabilities.
  • Automatically kick of a new pipeline upon successful completion of a new build.
  • Gain complete visibility and control of every build (including build number) as it progresses through your CI/CD pipeline. 

Product: TeamCity

Category: Agile Planning

Type: Plug-In

Integrates with: Automic Continuous Delivery Director

Support by: CA

Automic Continuous Delivery Director

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