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CA Data Content Discovery

Find, classify and secure business-critical data to reduce risk and simplify regulatory compliance.

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Data discovery and classification is a critical early step in securing your hybrid IT architecture.

CA Data Content Discovery helps you identify data exposure risks and institute effective measures for enterprise data protection.

Discover data across your mainframe infrastructure, classify that data by sensitivity level and provide comprehensive reporting to help streamline compliance and auditing efforts.

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Know Your Data – and Data Risk Exposure

Do you know where your data is? 70% of corporate transactional data still resides on the mainframe.

Locate business-critical data – including lost, hidden or abandoned data – across disparate files and datasets to reduce risk.

“This is a very important solution for some of today's most pressing security risks.

  Chief Strategist, Mainframe Analytics

Simplify Regulatory Compliance

Enterprises are facing a growing and complex regulatory environment – while still having to meet the demands of the digital economy.

Easily classify your data based on regulatory or business need to reduce manual efforts, streamline regulatory compliance and drive productivity.

Leverage Data Insights to Manage Risk

Effective data protection is based on a thorough understanding of your data landscape.

Leverage key data insights and comprehensive reporting to drive decisions, reduce risk and effectively secure the business.

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