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CA Data Protection

Prevent data loss—and control data access—in-use, in-motion, at-rest and on-access.

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Minimize the accidental, negligent and malicious misuse of data while helping your organization comply with various data protection standards and regulations.

Protecting your IT infrastructure and the information that flows through it requires you to know where the data are located, how they are handled and their sensitivity level. CA Data Protection helps reduce data loss and misuse by controlling the information—and access to it—at every point in the system.

With CA Data Protection, you’re helping your organization to define its configurable business and regulatory policies, accurately detect sensitive and unstructured data, monitor known and unknown business processes and control threats to sensitive corporate assets.

The central management platform provides an executive dashboard, detailed and customizable reporting and seamless workflow capabilities to help you guard against data loss efficiently and with a quicker time-to-value. CA Data Protection can help enable your organization to take a comprehensive approach to data loss by helping you:

  • Reduce risk to your most critical assets.
  • Control information across various enterprise locations.
  • Enable critical business processes to continue.

CA Data Protection. Real results, right now.

Enable transition to cloud services

Discover and classify high-risk data and applications enabling IT business decisions.

Mitigate high-risk modes of communication

Control sensitive data through high-risk enterprise communications.

Enable compliance with regulatory and corporate policies

Ensure precise policy enforcement through content and identity.

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