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CA Database Copier™ for IMS for z/OS

Create online, offline and incremental IMS image copies.

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Securely generate high-speed IMS image copies on and offline.

CA Database Copier for IMS for z/OS (CA Database Copier) provides functionality to help you create online, offline and incremental IMS image copies that are efficient and secure. It helps protect your business-critical IMS™ for z/OS data even if a hardware or software error corrupts the database.

With this mainframe backup solution, you can effectively back up your data and maximize the efficiency of your staff. It can also help make IMS image copies a core component of your IMS backup and recovery strategy.

CA Database Copier can protect your databases with a wide range of flexible IMS image copy capabilities to help your organization:

  • Create IMS image copies quickly, with minimal impact on data availability.
  • Back up data assets with greater efficiency, reliability and effectiveness.

CA Database Copier™ for IMS for z/OS. Real results, right now.

Save resources.

Optimize backup performance without taxing IMS resources.

Save time.

Improve the productivity of your IMS management and administration personnel.

Better meet SLAs.

Create backups with minimal impact on data availability.

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