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CA Deliver™

Optimize your report management to save time and money.

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Optimize your report management to save time and money.

CA Deliver can automatically archive and distribute your mainframe reports. It provides a scalable, extensible, single point of management for your reporting activities ̶ by itself or in conjunction with other CA Enterprise Report Management solutions.

CA Deliver can make online retrieving and viewing of reports created in the mainframe environment more efficient and cost-effective for users. It helps reduce time-consuming manual tasks and minimizes document delivery costs while enabling the flow of reports from the mainframe to anywhere in your enterprise.

To further streamline management, it can be integrated with other enterprise management functions, such as scheduling, restart/rerun, automated operations, storage and security.

CA Deliver™. Real results, right now.

Automate day-to-day report management functions.

Reduce resource-intensive, manual document management tasks: distribution, tracking, printing and archiving.

Enable robust security measures.

Report and recipient administration tools facilitate the secure distribution of information.

Streamline report management.

Route required reports to appropriate destinations with proper attributes attached, eliminating the need to create report data sets and batch processing steps.

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