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CA Disk™ Backup and Restore

Protect, Archive and Restore your critical z System Data

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Optimize your storage resources while controlling costs.

CA Disk™ Backup and Restore (CA Disk) provides comprehensive data management for protecting, archiving and restoring your critical System z data to make the best use of the storage hierarchy. It helps you optimize your storage resources and control costs by archiving infrequently used data sets to less expensive storage media.

CA Disk is designed to manage storage growth effectively through automation flexibility, a standardized interface, control and data integrity. This mainframe solution can help you to provide cost-effective management of your storage infrastructure while continuing to deliver against expected service levels.

CA Disk™ Backup and Restore. Real results, right now.

Manage growth.

Employ flexible options for efficient backup, restore and migration of data.

Optimize resources.

Move or copy data sets from one DASD to another and customize your release requirements.

Control costs.

Off-load seldom-used data to less expensive storage media.

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