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CA Email Supervision

Prevent unauthorized access to sensitive information with robust enterprise email security.

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Reduce the risk of communicating sensitive information that could do harm to your company—without impacting your daily communications.

CA Email Supervision offers precise control over email security, whether an email is sent using a desktop client, a Web interface or a mobile app.

With CA Email Supervision, your intellectual property, financial information and other sensitive information that can be sent over email can be secured with defined, flexible detection and classification capabilities—even in large, decentralized organizations. This robust email security solution can learn the identity of the individuals involved in a given communication to paint a richer picture of the event and, in turn, apply more precise controls to the higher risk elements of the communication.

CA Email Supervision provides visibility and control to help safeguard sensitive information within your organization with tools designed to:

  • Protect your brand and trade secrets.
  • Prevent both accidental and malicious information leaks.

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CA Email Supervision. Real results, right now.

Tighter email security

Control and guard against insider threats, errors, negligence and malicious transmission of sensitive information.

Precise control

Get precise command over email that also enables business processes through the usage of identity.


Packaged solution delivers fast time-to-value and continual improvement over the life of the deployment.

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