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CA Endevor® Software Change Manager

Automate to accelerate software development time across the enterprise.

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CA Endevor® Software Change Manager (CA Endevor SCM) is the most widely used mainframe software configuration management solution.

CA Endevor SCM provides a standardized, reliable and automated approach to securing and managing your software assets. Designed to automate the development process, CA Endevor SCM governs software change from the very first line of modified code through deployment with change tracking.

CA Endevor SCM Integrations for Enterprise DevOps provides users additional flexibility in their choice of interface and tight coupling with their DevOps toolset. With out-of-the-box integrations to popular agile PPM tools, CI/CD and pipeline management tools, and plugins to enterprise GIT repositories, teams can adopt the same modern stacks used for distributed development while continuing to leverage the build and lifecycle automation offered by CA Endevor SCM.

CA Endevor® Software Change Manager. Real results, right now.

Modern dev experience

Eclipse-ready, CA Endevor SCM helps shorten the learning curve for application developers.

Agile with extensible audit

Webhook driven Agile integration, comprehensive traceability and RESTful API support.

Continuous integration and delivery

Automated build & deploy at check-in with integrated production delivery.

Read user reviews from the tech community.

Enables us to automate all our development implementations, saving us a lot of time

I like it because it customizable, and it's rock steady, it's a very robust and mature product. Plus I love the audit trail.

SCM Engineer

Source: IT Central Station

Does A Good Job Of Managing My Daily Operations Without Downtime

It's been great.I've not seen a computer that's close to Endevor in terms of performance, scalability and capability.

Giri R.

Source: IT Central Station

It Standardizes The Processing Of All Development. Everything Gets Produced In A Constant And Consistent Manner.

Having something that is out-of-the-box that you can customize to suit your organization's needs is huge.

Support Specialist

Source: IT Central Station

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