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CA File Master™ Plus

Speed test file editing and data creation in enabling Mainframe Continuous Testing.

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CA File Master™ Plus is designed to streamline data assets and procedures, improve the accuracy of your mainframe data, reduce the time and effort associated with test file editing and data creation as well as reduce training costs.

This Application and Testing Tools solution is a file management and data manipulation tool architected to speed test file creation and editing for virtual storage access method (VSAM), sequential and partitioned datasets. With the ability to visually browse and edit data, you can respond quickly to problems that may arise and make accurate changes on the fly.

It also enables you to issue commands in batch, handily compare multiple file versions and filter your datasets with precision. To save your IT organization time and money, CA File Master™ Plus helps your team:

  • Create more consistent and accurate test data.
  • Find and fix problems more quickly.

CA File Master™ Plus. Real results, right now.

Improve mainframe data management.

Streamline data assets and procedures by speeding test file creation.

Improve accuracy and consistency of test data.

Robust online utilities and filtering ensures data integrity.

Identify and resolve data issues quickly.

Easily browse and edit data to find problems before tests or deployment.

How can businesses free up budget and lower costs to fund digital transformation?

For many of our customers, vendor consolidation is a key enabler for digital transformation. In fact, customers who rationalized on CA products experienced an average $1.4 million operating expense (OPEX) savings, and moreover:

  • Realized value faster. Organizations not only reduce upfront costs and time to realized value, but enjoy lower overhead from working with a single, focused vendor like CA.
  • Lowered risk. As a guided cloud service built on 30-plus years of industry best practices, CA Conversion Service delivers a consistent migration experience, ensuring your team can focus on their core responsibilities of delivering new services and maintaining operations.


High Performance Subset, Masking and Test Data Generation for Mainframe z/OS

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Improve testing efficiency and effectiveness and reduce business risk with CA Test Data Manager

With fines averaging millions of dollars, and prohibitively high infrastructure costs, masking and subsetting the mainframe is a must. See how the CA Test Data Manager architecture avoids the dire security and performance implications of moving data to and from z/OS by employing a Windows-based meta-data repository and user friendly GUI to design and maintain masking rules easily, while executing those rules using batch z/OS jobs.

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