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CA InterTest™ for CICS

Automate debugging of CICS applications to identify errors prior to production.

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Automate debugging of CICS applications to identify errors prior to production.

CA InterTest™ for CICS helps you deliver quality applications quickly and improves CICS performance and stability by preventing errors before they occur. It delivers automated testing and debugging tools to help improve your team’s efficiency and ensure that your applications meet established service levels.

CA InterTest™ for CICS reduces the number of manual, time-consuming steps required for thorough debugging, enabling you to accomplish more with less staff oversight. Its Eclipse-based GUI has attained Ready for IBM® Rational software validation and Best Practice Compliance status and provides an intuitive, user-friendly alternative to the green screen.

CA InterTest™ for CICS can simplify your CICS testing and debugging tasks to promote CICS performance. It can also benefit your organization by helping to:

  • Reduce application time-to-market.
  • Ensure applications meet industry and government regulations.

CA InterTest™ for CICS. Real results, right now.

Saves money and improves customer satisfaction

Saves money and improves customer satisfaction by ensuring well-tested programs prior to production

Saves time by helping to prevent ABENDs

Saves time by helping to prevent ABENDs and enabling you to resolve errors as—or even before—they occur

Minimizes application downtime

Minimizes application downtime and helps improve overall application quality

Deliver Value Quickly and Reliably

A top 10 U.S. retailer saved over $1 million annually through replacement of Compuware tools, driving investment into high-growth initiatives.

How can businesses free up budget and lower costs to fund digital transformation?

For many of our customers, vendor consolidation is a key enabler for digital transformation. In fact, customers who rationalized on CA products experienced an average $1.4 million operating expense (OPEX) savings, and moreover:

  • Realized value faster. Organizations not only reduce upfront costs and time to realized value, but enjoy lower overhead from working with a single, focused vendor like CA.
  • Lowered risk. As a guided cloud service built on 30-plus years of industry best practices, CA Conversion Service delivers a consistent migration experience, ensuring your team can focus on their core responsibilities of delivering new services and maintaining operations.

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