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CA JCLCheck™ Workload Automation

Validate JCL accuracy before a job goes into production.

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Efficient system performance through proactive error detection

CA JCLCheck Workload Automation (CA JCLCheck) helps reduce delays in your production cycle. It validates the accuracy of job control language (JCL) and also helps identify execution-time errors, such as security violations and missing data sets that could cause jobs to fail. By quickly validating JCL and identifying problems, it provides users with advanced warnings so corrective actions can be taken before the job is executed in the production cycle.


Sharpens the integrity and readability of JCL

Improves the integrity and readability of JCL by automating the enforcement of JCL standards.

Validates JCL to reduce production delays

Detects a wide range of error conditions before production jobs and schedules are adversely impacted.

Improves ROI

Enhances efficiency by reformatting JCL to user-defined standards.

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