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CA Mobile API Gateway

Secure and manage enterprise-level mobile APIs.

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Get security, identity and ready-to-go infrastructure for five-star mobile and IoT apps.

CA Mobile API Gateway extends mobile backend services, legacy infrastructure and enterprise data through scalable REST APIs. It helps enterprises to develop agile architectures that take advantage of Web, mobile, microservices and IoT, while maintaining security from the app to the API. CA Mobile API Gateway speeds mobile API development velocity by providing a central point for securing and managing information assets exposed via open source SDKs and “APIs everywhere.”

CA Mobile API Gateway provides the tools to expose common mobile backend services, data and application functionality as secure, scalable REST APIs that can be created, governed and optimized across multiple mobile and IoT apps. This enables businesses to create five-star apps that consume enterprise data, integrate with cloud services and leverage the Internet of Things (IoT).

In short, CA Mobile API Gateway prepares enterprises to create, manage and secure APIs for the next generation of mobile and IoT.

Be empowered with Mobile SDKs and APIs.


Mobile SDKs

With CA Mobile API Gateway, open source SDKs are available to simplify connection to mobile backend services and speed app creation. Developers can use SDKs to reduce repetitive coding tasks and enable powerful features like user and group management, pub/sub and MQTT, messaging, storage and back-end to app security. The result? Five-star apps, faster.


Mobile APIs

Externalizing enterprise data through mobile apps and APIs is no longer a competitive advantage, but a business necessity. CA Mobile API Gateway enables developers to compose and orchestrate REST APIs while providing critical API security, identity, optimization, adaptation and integration capabilities. The result? More data is available to developers to extract value from mobile and IoT investments.

CA Mobile API Gateway: Speed development and secure all endpoints.

Speed security for mobile and IoT.

Use granular, risk-based app, device and user polices including OAuth, OpenID and token-based authorization to authenticate mobile app access. Protect APIs against DoS attack and misuse and manage user access and identity via SCIM 2.0 APIs. Built-in security capabilities such as certificate pinning, one-time passwords, fingerprint support, FIDO integration and advanced auth risk evaluation provide enterprise-grade protection. Prepare your business for mobile and IoT applications with rapid API development, built-in app security and a library of pre-built, smart SDKs and REST APIs.

Have flexible authentication for the “triangle of trust.”

Balance enterprise-grade PKI security in the app and API fabric with convenient access for enterprise identities across users, apps and devices. Authenticate once through two-way, mutual SSL, OAuth, PKCE, encrypted data storage and OpenID Connect certification. Gain access to multiple apps with single sign-on (SSO) and social login and bridge the security context across devices with proximity login. Integration with CA Rapid App Security offers easily embedded app security through a unified SDK.

Build five-star app features, faster.

Quickly build collaborative apps with advanced user, group, messaging and storage services integrated into mobile backend services, legacy infrastructure, enterprise data and third-party resources. Leverage standards-based, open SDKs and APIs, client-side libraries and documentation to cut down development time and avoid vendor lock-in. Provide improved user experiences and app performance by caching calls to backend applications and orchestrating API traffic, freeing up bandwidth.

IoT Runs on APIs. CA Mobile API Gateway is the Driver for Powerful APIs.

Today’s enterprises are not just building mobile apps; they are integrating IoT devices, events and data as well. Apps must be reactive and utilize near real-time propagation of events and data. To accomplish this, developers need SDKs that can span across mobile and IoT devices from messaging to management, while retaining control of data flow and the security of enterprise environments. CA Mobile API Gateway enables rapid mobile app development with ready-to-go infrastructure for security, IoT data integration and orchestration.


CA Mobile API Gateway provides rapid and comprehensive security from the app through the API, while maintaining flexible access control and policy compliance. CA offers the industry-leading security gateway solution that ships in a variety of delivery models and protects your applications and data from external or internal attacks through simple and quick policy-driven security management, integrated with advanced authentication.


CA Mobile API Gateway is designed to simplify all key API security and management processes and provide the scale and integration necessary to support the growing number of mobile apps, APIs and IoT investments typical of modern day enterprises.

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