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Secure and manage enterprise-level mobile APIs.

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Simplify the process of adapting internal data, application functionality and security infrastructure for mobile use.

CA Mobile API Gateway is a low-latency middleware appliance that provides a central point for controlling enterprise policies that secure and manage information assets exposed via mobile-friendly APIs. It helps solve mobile-specific challenges around API composition, security, identity, adaptation, optimization and integration.

The CA Mobile API Gateway is designed to help your enterprise create apps that support bring-your-own-device (BYOD), enable innovative business strategies and leverage the Internet of Things (IoT). And it provides a manageable system for exposing backend data and application functionality in formats that can easily be consumed by mobile developers as well as the apps they create.

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Speed app development

Transforms data sources to mobile APIs and provides SDKs to reduce developer workload.

End-to-end security

Balance enterprise-grade security with convenient access across all connected devices.

Mobile threat protection

Use granular app, device and user polices to protect APIs against attack and misuse.

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