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CA Payment Security Suite

Implement a flexible 3-D Secure program powered with advanced neural network models to reduce card-not-present fraud losses and provide a frictionless online experience for cardholders.

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How do I balance robust security with a frictionless online shopping experience for cardholders?

Protect your cardholders from card-not-present (CNP) fraud by implementing a combination of a flexible 3-D Secure program, a dynamic rules engine and patented neural network models. Formerly, this was achieved through separate products (CA Transaction Manager and CA Risk Analytics) which now make up CA Payment Security Suite.

CA Payment Security Suite gives a multi-dimensional view of a CNP transaction in the context of a cardholder’s historical transaction behavior in real-time, during authentication. It accurately discerns between fraudulent and legitimate transactions by analyzing and assessing vast amounts of data, then scores the transaction accordingly to help reduce fraud losses and false positives.

This is achieved through a combination of model-based rules and sophisticated neural network models that are optimized continuously by assessing over 50,000 data elements (such as device, geo-location, transaction velocity, merchant i.d., transaction value, etc.) and analyzing between 50 and 200 variables.

With CA Payment Security Suite, banks can reduce the risk of fraud for online transactions without having to sacrifice a delightful online shopping experience for their customers. It also helps organizations increase revenue, reduce card operations costs and improve the overall customer online shopping experience.

CA Payment Security Suite. Real results in real time.

Reduce CNP Fraud Loss

Implement a combination of a flexible 3-D Secure program, dynamic rules and patented self-learning neural network models.

Improve the Online Shopping Experience

Accurately detect truly fraudulent card-not-present transactions with a self-learning behavioral neural network model.

Decrease Operational Costs

Get a real-time integrated case management console that offers aggregated administrator access, real-time reporting and access to truth data and more.

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