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CA Release Automation Continuous Delivery Edition

Make your release planning and management as agile as your development.

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Transform manual releases with a single, agile control point for releasing apps.

In this age of digital transformation, a company is only as agile as its release practices. CA Release Automation Continuous Delivery Edition is an essential release planning and management solution for the enterprise. Get detailed orchestration of your releases end-to-end, including a central point for collaboration and measurement. Become more agile in releasing apps—and more responsive to your business and customers.

Get essential release planning and management for continuous delivery.

Align app releases and teams.

Easily track and measure app progress against test SLAs, release criteria and business commitments.

Agilely manage multiple apps and releases.

Plan and orchestrate app releases as a connected team—managing dependencies and conflicts.

Continually optimize.

Leverage analytics to improve processes, time-to-resolution, productivity and quality.

 Get installation help, release notes and more.

Real User Reviews

What I look for from a vendor is somebody with the technical skills that has the knowledge of the best solutions, best practices; and that has a support team that we can draw on, call on, and that we can then use as mentors as we bring our team up to speed.

Don Buckalew, Engineering Program Manager, EchoStar Corporation

We were running approximately 40 manual steps, and we're getting this down to two manual steps, thereby alleviating some of the copy-paste errors, some of the transposition errors that we're currently doing that affect our customers. …it’s going to improve our throughput. We're not going to have delays in testing, because we had some sort of manual entry error, some transposition error.

Monica Tanguay, Engineering Manager, EchoStar Corporation

Release Dashboard: Single Point of Control

Build a real-time dashboard for managing and monitoring multi-application release content (user stories, features, bug fixes) through every phase of your release pipeline. This enables teams to gain visibility of release progress, more easily reconcile dependencies and map to business requirements. This enhanced level of release planning and management drives a culture of shared ownership between development, test, release and operations teams—and results in higher-quality applications getting to your customers faster.

CA Release Automation Continuous Delivery Edition Key Features

Bi-directional Integration with ALM Tools

CA Release Automation Continuous Delivery Edition, through its integration with application lifecycle management tools like CA Agile Central and Jira, offers powerful functionality to link and track application stories to releases and a data-driven foundation for collaborating with dev teams to improve the throughput and quality of your releases. Get full visibility into what features and fixes are being delivered when, what specific content is in each release, and what other releases are in the pipeline (and what they contain). This business-level intelligence helps with app planning and prioritization.

Multiple App and Multiple Release Planning and Scheduling

In today’s modern enterprise, releases are complex, often involving multiple applications with dependencies, different technologies, and shared and potentially conflicting resources. With CA Release Automation Continuous Delivery Edition, you can visualize all of your application releases in one coherent calendar view, identify conflicts and maintenance windows, and easily adjust schedules as needed. The Release Tracks feature enables collaborative coordination of multiple releases into the same production schedule, and the ability to monitor those releases in context of the track’s milestones and readiness criteria.

Configurable dashboard: Actionable Analytics

CA Release Automation Continuous Delivery Edition enables end-to-end transparency of the pipeline to drive collaborative DevOps resolution and continuous improvement of quality and performance. Through the centralized, configurable dashboard, you can see stats on release productivity and identify bottlenecks, as well as monitor evolution of continuous delivery maturity of teams. You can also build content and pipeline reports to share.

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