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CA Release Automation

Deploy agile apps faster, more efficiently with reduced errors.

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Reach zero-touch application deployment anytime, anywhere.

Do your application deployments take days instead of minutes? It’s time to shed those manual and scripted processes. Stop the unplanned work and heroics. CA Release Automation is a dynamic application deployment tool that regulates and speeds app delivery across the enterprise—enabling zero-touch deployments from development to production. Build the foundation of continuous delivery today.

Get automated, standardized and reusable deployment for continuous delivery.

Shorten release cycles.

Deploy apps 20 times faster—mobile to mainframe—and be first to market.*

Harness enterprise scale.

Take control of the complexity and volume of apps, tools and environments in your enterprise.

Do it right, continuously.

Gain visibility, consistency and reliability—reducing production errors by 98 percent.*

* The Total Economic Impact™ of CA Release Automation, a commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of CA Technologies, December 2015

Real User Reviews

CA Release Automation is a great tool. It is easy to build workflows and configure processes without having extensive application development knowledge. … In my opinion, this is currently the best release automation tool in the market. It covers a lot of technologies and has made integration and adoption of different technologies and cross-platform deployments very easy.

DevOps Engineer, S&P 500 Electronics Company

Source: TechValidate, Survey of Users of CA Release Automation Commissioned by CA, A73-42C-9C7

Deployment workflows have not only increased the confidence in the release process, but also opens up a whole new world to automate the deployment for not just code, but DB, network appliances, application servers, and AWS.

Aruneesh Salhotra, Release/Build Technologist, PM at a Financial Services Firm

CA Release Automation has provided a single pane of glass for insight into pipeline design and deployments. It provides broad built-in support for typical workflow actions and 3rd party integrations. ... In addition, it offers a graphical approach to develop your deployment plan.

Developer, Large Enterprise Consumer Services Company

Source: TechValidate, Survey of Users of CA Release Automation Commissioned by CA, 249-390-F5E

Get started fast with Express Mode.

The process of creating automated deployments of your applications targeting diverse environments across the SDLC can seem daunting. CA Release Automation has made getting started a whole lot easier with the Express Mode feature. Quickly set up your automated deployments and see immediate results, all while learning how this powerful deployment tool is working behind the scenes.

CA Release Automation Key Features

Powerful Deployment Workflows that Eliminate Scripting

CA Release Automation includes a visual, intuitive workflow engine that enables you to harness deployment complexities—providing standard, reusable deployment operations. You can design modular workflows for each component upon which an application is dependent including web and app server middleware, databases and infrastructure elements like virtual hypervisors, load balancers and networking equipment.

Robust Toolchain Integrations that Simplify Deployment

CA Release Automation easily integrates with your continuous delivery toolchain, delivering end-to-end orchestration and visibility of deployments from development through production. It includes over 1800 actions with the most popular open source or commercial tools so that you can continue to use your existing investments. Deployment tool integration examples include Jenkins for CI, Docker for containers, Puppet for environment configuration, Microsoft Azure® for cloud, and CA Endevor® SCM for mainframe change management.

Configurable Dashboard: Deployment Central

The CA Release Automation home page and dashboard provides a centralized view into key metrics, historical data and other relevant information to your application deployments through customizable widgets and reports. You can drill down into individual areas from the dashboard to find details of every deployment and easily troubleshoot issues.

Mainframe Ready

Speed mainframe deployments with the z/OS connector.

Cloud Ready

Speed application delivery for hybrid cloud infrastructures.

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