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CA Risk Analytics

Leverage risk analytics to minimize fraud loss and maximize cardholder convenience.

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Combat eCommerce fraud, increase revenue, reduce card operations costs and improve the overall customer online shopping experience.

Unlike traditional risk-based, adaptive authentication approaches, CA Risk Analytics uses patent-pending 3D Secure authentication models, giving you the advantage of achieving zero-touch authentication while simultaneously understanding the transaction in the context of what is normal for each individual cardholder.

CA Risk Analytics uses sophisticated behavioral modeling techniques to transparently assess risk in real-time by analyzing unique authentication data including device type, geolocation, user behavior and historical fraud data to separate genuine transactions from true fraud.

Administrators can easily customize the rules and the model thresholds on-the-fly as well as set policies for allowing or denying a purchase and/or sending an alert in events that require increased authentication. The comprehensive case management system allows immediate access to fraud data so that analysts and customer support representatives can prioritize cases, query fraud data and manage alerts.

CA Risk Analytics. Real results, right now.

Improve customer experience

Transparent analysis reduces impact to the customer.

Minimize transaction abandonment

Avoid customer disruption for low-risk transactions.

Manage fraud risk

Real-time measurement isolates transactions that are more likely to be fraudulent.

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