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CA Secondary Index for IMS for z/OS

Automate secondary indexing for IMS Fast Path databases.

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CA Secondary Index for IMS for z/OS (CA Secondary Index) provides automated tools designed to build and maintain Data Entry Database (DEDB) secondary indexes for IMS Fast Path databases.

By removing the need to make application program changes in the process, it enables your team to improve database performance while conserving valuable resources.

CA Secondary Index offers streamlined index creation, definition and management features that help you reduce the time, effort and human error associated with implementing, maintaining and administering your database applications. This mainframe solution provides tools designed to help your enterprise:

  • Eliminate the need to create secondary indexes on the application side to save significant money.
  • Enhance system performance and maintain data availability.

CA Secondary Index for IMS for z/OS. Real results, right now.

Saves time

Saves your developers time by freeing them from the need to include IMS Fast Path DEDB logic within each program.

Increases database availability

Increases availability and performance with setup utilities that execute outside of IMS.

Improves flexibility

Improves flexibility by adding one or more indexes to an existing database or rebuilding indexes as needed.

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