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DX Spectrum

(formerly CA Spectrum®)

Network fault management for silencing network alarm noise, pinpointing issues and fixing problems faster with superior root-cause analysis.

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DX Spectrum (formerly CA Spectrum) offers the robust, comprehensive and sophisticated event and network fault management capabilities that network operations teams require.

Discover network devices and model the topology to quickly isolate issues in the service chain.

This event and network fault management solution discovers the multi-vendor, multi-technology stacks—including new software-defined networks (SDN)—and leverages its model for event correlation and to determine root cause.

Event correlation allows faster MTTR and provides impact of underlay on overlay.

Suppress symptomatic alarms and speed resolution with superior event correlation and root-cause analysis.

Map the relationship of your network infrastructure automatically to pinpoint the root cause of service problems for faster resolution. This network fault management solution identifies the specific component responsible for an issue, whether it’s a network configuration or availability issue.

Monitor and manage your wide area network service delivery to ensure optimal user experience.

Support for a wide range of routing protocols and technologies—from multi-cast to MPLS, VPLS, BGP, VPN and VRF—ensures optimal customer and employee experiences.

Support corporate network access from wireless wearables, mobile phones, tablets and laptops.

Give network operators the tools to manage their wireless network, reduce outages and make your wireless network as stable as your wired network.

DX Spectrum is a single source of truth for wired and wireless networks.

Integrate fault and event management across the Agile Ops and Network Operations and Analytics portfolios.

Deliver optimal user experience with fault, inventory and topology insight integrated with performance, application and log monitoring and a unified view across a full-stack NetOps solution; additional integrations include business service and service desk management.

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DX Spectrum serves multiple professionals—from operations and engineering to managed services business development.

  • IT Operations Management

  • Network Engineering and Architecture

  • Business Development

IT Operations Management

Remove stand-alone support silos and to streamline processes across different groups.

Previously, problems might get passed around and it was easy to blame issues on another party due to lack of visibility. Now, it is easy to see exactly where the problem lies and work with relevant teams to resolve an issue.

Network Engineering and Architecture

With a centralized monitoring team and a strategy improve time to resolve, this customer has significantly reduced the number of monitoring tools it uses.

Before deploying DX Spectrum and other CA solutions, identifying the root cause of incidents was almost impossible, meaning they were never fully resolved and problems often reoccurred.

Business Development

Get cost-effective, high-quality services with centralized IT management.

Using the CA Technologies platform, managed service providers can monitor private and public cloud infrastructures to align with clients’ IT strategies.


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Get superior root-cause analysis for fault isolation, alarm suppression and minimized service tickets.

[DX] Spectrum can suppress unnecessary or symptomatic alarms. The solution is able to find the real data by observing the field and creating a topological map.

Özge Öksüztepe, Network Quality Solutions Product Manager Expert, Turkcell

We need to ensure our solutions are in optimal condition 24/7 to help healthcare professionals deliver the best patient experience and outcomes.

Adrian Concannon, Senior Principal Engineer, Olympus

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System Requirements

DX Spectrum r10.0 and higher versions only support 64-bit operating systems and do not support 32-bit operating systems.


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