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CA Strong Authentication for Payments

Simplify authentication for your customers with a user-friendly mobile application.

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Simplify financial transactions for customers with multiple cards and accounts.

CA Strong Authentication for Payments is a mobile authentication solution that delivers two-factor authentication via a user-friendly mobile app that you can adapt to your own branding, helping to reduce fraud while delivering a seamless customer experience.

CA Strong Authentication for Payments generates a one-time password (OTP) for multiple accounts, eliminating the need for customers to carry multiple hardware tokens. And it supports a variety of standard OTP algorithms including those specified by Open Authentication (OATH) and Europay®, Mastercard® and VISA® (EMV) to enable accurate verification for legitimate cardholders—without adversely impacting the user experience.

CA Strong Authentication for Payments provides safe and transparent authentication for your customers while reducing IT involvement through:

  • Cloud-based delivery capabilities
  • Unified authentication across multiple channels

CA Strong Authentication for Payments. Real results, right now.

Simplify cardholder authentication

Easily use mobile device for cardholder authentication during checkout.

Provide consistent authentication experience

Enhance branded mobile apps for one-stop banking and eCommerce transactions.

Utilize across multiple channels

Unified authentication across a wide range of devices delivers a positive experience for customers.

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