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CA Strong Authentication for Payments

Authenticate cardholders swiftly without negatively impacting the user experience with frictionless two-factor authentication.

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Make two-factor authentication effortless for cardholders and keep it consistent regardless of what cards, accounts or devices are being used.

CA Strong Authentication for Payments is a mobile authentication solution that makes banks’ and cardholders’ lives easier and less frustrating by reducing friction when shopping online. It delivers two-factor authentication via a user-friendly mobile app, linking a card with a device and protecting that association with a credential. Banks have the choice to either integrate with their existing mobile banking app or adapt the standalone authentication app provided to their own branding for consistency.

With CA Strong Authentication for Payments, a bank can allow their cardholders to authenticate via a one-time password (OTP) app, OTP via SMS/email and more for multiple accounts and devices, if desired. However, a simple Push Notification Authentication request provided with this CA solution is far superior as it provides proof of ownership of the device and installation of a genuine app. Push notifications are also not affected by the challenges usually faced with OTPs via SMS as push notifications are sent to the registered device, via any available data connection. This means that they are not susceptible to SIM Swap attacks and the benefit is not reliant on how many registered phone numbers the bank has recorded.

It supports a variety of standard OTP algorithms including those specified by Open Authentication (OATH) and Europay®, Mastercard® and VISA® (EMV) to enable accurate verification for legitimate cardholders—without adversely impacting the user experience.

CA Strong Authentication for Payments provides safe and transparent authentication for your customers while reducing IT involvement through:

  • Cloud-based delivery capabilities
  • Unified authentication across multiple channels

CA Strong Authentication for Payments. More security, less friction.

Make cardholder authentication simple, but secure.

Allow your cardholders to use their everyday devices to authenticate while shopping online.

Provide a consistent authentication experience.

Enhance branded mobile apps for one-stop banking and e-commerce.

Use across multiple channels.

Unified authentication across a wider range of devices delivers a desired experience for customers.

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