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Test Data Manager

(formerly CA Test Data Manager)

Deliver innovation faster with less risk, for less cost.

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See how Test Data Manager can reshape your testing space.

Identify personally identifiable data.

Test Data Manager (formerly CA Test Data Manager) can help you address data privacy and compliance issues as they relate to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and other established compliance laws. The Test Data Manager Data Discovery and Profiling feature (available in release 4.4) provides a solution to identify personally identifiable information (PII) across multiple data sources.

A heat map displays PII data and classifies it according to severity levels. Test Data Engineers and Compliance Officers can then review and tag the data for further mitigation. After sign-off, comprehensive reports can be generated in PDF format to demonstrate compliance or review at a later time.

Generate synthetic test data.

Combine powerful synthetic data generation with sophisticated coverage analysis to create the smallest set of data needed for comprehensive testing.

You can also create future scenarios and unexpected results to test boundary conditions and avoid costly delays. 

Create virtual copies of test data.

Quickly create virtual copies of test data on-demand to give each tester their own test data. This approach dramatically reduces data volumes, test durations and costs—enabling dev and test teams to deliver better applications to market faster, for less. 

Find and reserve test data.

Find and reserve test data.

Use dynamic self-service forms to find, view, analyze and observe test data. Powerful data mining capability enables you to quickly identify, locate and link data from multiple sources to your test cases. And an enhanced Job Engine enhances performance and eliminates the dependency on Remote Publish Engines.

Store and reuse existing data

Store and reuse existing data.

Centrally store data as a reusable asset that can be received in minutes, cloned as it’s provisioned and matched to the exact tests it can run. Rules and data models are also centrally stored, avoiding repeated effort and maximizing the value of work done.

Test Data Manager Benefit Calculator

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Test Data Manager turns companies into better testers ... and market leaders.

[Test Data Manager] allows you to do synthetic data generation, and gives you a high level of confidence in the data you're creating. It also keeps you out of the SOX arena, because there's no production data within that environment. The more that you can put in controls and keep your data clean, the better off you are.

Wesley Miller, AVP, Quality Assurance, GM Financial

Case study: A sampling of customers achieved 287% ROI using Test Data Manager.

Source: Forrester Total Economic Impact™ of the CA Technologies Test Data Manager Solution

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Read user reviews from the tech community.

What I find to be most valuable is its ability to do synthetic data creation

TDM has tons of great solutions involved in one package. What I find to be most valuable is its ability to do synthetic data creation. There is a lot of flexibility and you do not have to worry about one specific database.

Adam Topper, Senior Test Data Management Specialist, Transportation Company

Source: IT Central Station

We are able to create test data for specific business case scenarios; it’s user-friendly

The most valuable feature is the Portal that comes with the tool. It gives us the ability to mask the data, sub-set the data, synthetically generate test data, create test data for specific business case scenarios and more.

Yasar Sulaiman, QA Director, Sogeti UK

Source: IT Central Station

Gives us quality testing solutions that we can use repeatedly

The most valuable feature of this solution is data quality, that ability to provide data for testers and developers that is actually usable. You can benefit from it as often as you want to and without having to constantly look for support.

Irina Ginesin, Senior Dev Manager, T-Mobile

Source: IT Central Station


Forrester compared Test Data Manager to Tricentis for full test capabilities.

Test Data Manager Tricentis
Data masking
Integrated stack TDM with DevOps
Integration with governance and risk management
Self-service test data provisioning
Full Capability
Partial Capability
No Capability

Source: Agile Test Data Management: The New Must-Have. April 14, 2016.



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System Requirements

Test Data Manager supports 32-bit and 64-bit physical and virtual Windows machines.
Supported Technologies: Oracle RAC 11g, Oracle RAC 12c, IBM DB2 11 for z/OS, IBM DB2 UDB 11.1, CA IDMS 19.0, MySQL 5.6.


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Test Data Manager Benefit Calculator

Want to find out how much Test Data Manager could benefit your company? See what you’ll save.

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