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CA TLMS® Tape Management

Manage and protect your z/OS tape assets.

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CA TLMS Tape Management (CA TLMS) is designed to simplify and unify the management and protection of z/OS® tape data sets and volumes.

It automates day-to-day tape management tasks to save time and money. It enables a higher level of integrity for tape data while providing comprehensive protection against the inadvertent destruction of tape files.

CA TLMS helps you maintain data integrity, providing tools to continually check your data and prevent overwriting. To give you greater control, a Web-based Graphical Management Interface streams detailed tape volume information and provides a common platform for more efficient management practices.

Deploy CA TLMS to:

  • Secure and protect large amounts of tape files generated across dispersed environments.
  • Automate complex and time-consuming manual tape management tasks.

CA TLMS® Tape Management. Real results, right now.

Reduce complexity.

Improve problem response with an intuitive UI and access to real-time retention scheduling.

Increase productivity.

Increase IT productivity with automation, tape lifecycle management and optimized storage capabilities.

Reduce costs.

Reduce costs by minimizing lost data and wasted tape resources, reduces risk by protecting vital resources.

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