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DX Infrastructure Manager for Managed Service Providers

Deliver premium monitoring services that fuel business growth.

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Manage Monitoring Services Designed for Today’s Infrastructures.

DX Infrastructure Manager provides managed service providers a single, analytics driven solution for developing innovative monitoring service offerings across cloud and hybrid IT infrastructures. DX Infrastructure Manager is the only solution with the most comprehensive coverage and multi-tenant, extensible architecture that managed service providers can leverage to develop and deliver differentiated catalogue of premium services to boost profitability and open up new avenues for revenue generation.

MSPs Choose DX Infrastructure Manager

Managed service providers across the globe are using CA UIM to drive innovation, operational efficiencies, differentiation and growth. Review this infographic to see what benefits service providers have achieved.

Unified Analytics

Get unified visibility and preemptive insights into all the IT systems and services of your customer’s infrastructure, whether on premise or in the cloud. This solution also allows you to intuitively and efficiently track status, monitor performance and spot trends from a business or user experience perspective.

Comprehensive Technology Coverage

o Deliver new monitoring services, and eliminate the complexity of managing multiple monitoring tools with out-of-the-box monitoring support for physical and virtual servers, applications, networks, storage devices, databases, and end-user services, as well as cloud and big data environments.

Multi-Tenant Architecture Designed for MSPs

Efficiently scale and personalize service offerings for any number of clients with the solution’s unique bus based, multi-tenant architecture. This architecture provides reliable data collection and fast delivery of new monitoring services, without having to disrupt existing deployments.

Intelligent and predictive alerting

Features like dynamic thresholds reduce false alerts and team fatigue. Advance predictive analytics proactively identify issues before user experience suffers. It also shows you a prioritized list of server problems that represent situations your operations team should watch.

SLA Management

As an inherent, fully integrated functionality, the solution includes availability, performance and SLA compliance management for your client’s critical business services.

Powerful SDKs and APIs

Get the automation and extensibility required to integrate with other IT operations tools and create service offerings that drive incremental revenue and client satisfaction.

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“DX Infrastructure Manager put us ahead of the curve, helping us to drive greater innovation, growth and revenue generation.”

Michael Brady, Director of IT, ATScloud

Real customers. Real results.

Bespin Global Supports Business Growth with DX Infrastructure Manager

M-Theory Leverages DX Infrastructure Manager to Boost Service Levels of Private Cloud Anywhere, CapEx-as-a-Service Offerings

Alphaserve Technologies Meets Client Demand for Cost-effective High Quality Services with Centralized IT Management

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Businesses now need to be built to change—leveraging software so they can become agile enough to respond to fast-shifting market dynamics. This white paper examines five of the most important technologies and services. The paper then outlines why now’s the time for service providers to incorporate these offerings into their service mix—or start losing market share to those who do.

Explore the emerging opportunities for service providers and how DX Infrastructure Manager can help.

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