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CA Unified Infrastructure Management

Analytics-driven, agile IT monitoring for today’s infrastructures.

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Proactively ensure experience of cloud and hybrid IT infrastructures.

CA UIM is the only IT monitoring solution that provides AI-driven intelligent analytics, comprehensive coverage and an open, extensible architecture. By leveraging the solution, your organization can speed mean time to repair, reduce monitoring efforts, accelerate new deployments and improve the end-user experience.

AIOps Platform

Integrate with the CA AIOps Platform.

Through its integration with CA Digital Experience Insights, CA UIM employs machine-learning-based algorithms to automatically correlate application, infrastructure and network performance data, so you can find the root cause of emerging issues before they have an impact on business services.

Anaomoly Detection

AI-Driven, Intelligent Analytics drive a superior user experience.

CA UIM provides a single, analytics-driven solution that can monitor every aspect of your infrastructure. Its AI-driven capabilities provide users with:

  • Anomaly detection: uses historical trends to set thresholds for metrics and then creates alerts for abnormal scenarios while also reducing false alarms associated with expected variances.
  • Contextual log analytics: automatically correlates structured infrastructure performance data with unstructured event logs to facilitate rapid issue identification.
  • Alert clustering: groups related alerts so you can identify issues quickly.
  • Predictive analytics: proactively identifies issues before the user experience suffers.

Monitor every aspect of your infrastructure.

Our open and flexible architecture easily scales and extends to meet your growing business needs. We provide support for monitoring physical and virtual servers, public and private cloud environments, storage platforms, databases, hyper-converged infrastructures, packaged applications, mainframes and big data technologies. It also allows you to monitor any technology, service or device that isn’t already out of the box utilizing native REST APIs.

Boost IT performance with service-centric server monitoring.

CA UIM delivers comprehensive, service-centric server monitoring software designed to help IT gain a unified business service perspective across both your physical and virtual servers. CA UIM provides pre-packaged templates and monitoring support for popular virtualization technologies such as VMWare, Hyper-V and XenServer.

Rapidly resolve issues with contextual log analytics.

CA UIM provides log analytics that deliver the rich contextual intelligence needed to help speed root cause analysis and issue resolution.

Prevent outages with robust monitoring capabilities.

CA UIM’s storage monitoring capabilities and in-depth coverage prevents outages, quickly pinpoints system issues, optimizes storage usage and helps with capacity planning. CA UIM provides support for EMC, Azure Storage, Oracle and NetApp, among others.

Monitor service levels across private and public cloud.

With CA UIM, you can proactively and efficiently optimize performance across private or public cloud environments, including the foundational container technologies such as Docker, OpenShift and VMware. By monitoring your on-premises and cloud infrastructures in one unified view, you can speed mean time to repair and also reduce the complexity of managing multiple monitoring tools.

Deploy across various infrastructures: On-prem, SaaS and MSP.

CA UIM is available on-premises and through CA Digital Experience Insights, our SaaS-based digital operations monitoring AIOps platform. Services from CA UIM can be provided by MSPs as well, giving them the unique ability to horizontally scale through the solution’s multi-tenancy features.

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CA Unified Infrastructure Management is the leading IT infrastructure monitoring software solution.

Total Return on Investment

Reduction in incidents requiring triage

Payback period

CA Unified Infrastructure Management is an Award-winning Solution


Market research firm Apprize360 rated CA UIM highest among IM source solutions and open source options.

CA Unified Infrastructure Management Competitors
Ease of Deployment
Ease of Management
Breadth of IT Monitoring
Interactive Reports With Self-Serve Analytics
Advanced Analytics
Integrated Network Flow and Bandwidth Utilization Analytics
Enterprise Scale & Performance
Monitoring as a Service
Integration of Non-IT Data
Fully Present
Partial Functionality

Source: Apprize360 Intellegence: Five Factors to Consider When Selecting an Infrastructure Management Vendor



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