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CA Verify® Automated Regression Testing for CICS

Automate and accelerate testing for CICS applications.

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CA Verify Automated Regression Testing for CICS (CA Verify for CICS) provides automated regression testing tools for your CICS® applications.

It enables you to automate regression testing as well as other CICS application tests including stress, concurrency, migration, unit and integration.

CA Verify for CICS puts new or modified code through its paces to help ensure that your online z/OS® applications function correctly in both test and production environments. And to reduce the demands on your system, CA Verify for CICS simulates production environments and can generate random production-like test data.

This mainframe solution can help you streamline the testing of major system changes, such as z/OS or IBM CICS® Transaction Server upgrades and maintenance. This regression testing software enables you to proceed to production with confidence by helping you:

  • Reduce the costs associated with production errors and system downtime.
  • Work more efficiently using automated tools that consume fewer system resources.
  • Prevent application failure and performance bottlenecks.

CA Verify® Automated Regression Testing for CICS. Real results, right now.

Quickly identify errors in CICS applications

Automates testing so you can resolve issues that occur as results of these tests.

Reduce costs by automating testing

Automates all types of testing: unit, regression, integration, stress, concurrency and migration.

Reduce downtime by delivering quality applications

Puts new or modified code through its paces to help ensure that applications function correctly in both test and production environments.

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