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CA View®

(formerly Unicenter® CA-View® Output Archival and Viewing)

Enterprise-level report management for the modern business.

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Ensure secure, real-time access to critical report content across your entire enterprise.

To traverse today’s vast data landscape, enterprises must aim to establish a comprehensive single-point of reference for critical data.

CA View is a scalable and extensible report management solution designed to help you reduce costs and comply with the regulations while enhancing document management within your enterprise by:

  • Minimizing time-consuming manual tasks and lowering document delivery and storage costs
  • Increasing productivity with selective viewing, publishing and managing of all enterprise report assets
  • Streamlining data sharing from various enterprise sources, including applications on the mainframe, mid-tier servers and individual desktops

I'd give it a 10 out of 10 overall because I've worked with a lot of output managers and this one, in my opinion, has the best all-round characteristics.

Senior Mainframe Systems Programmer, Technology Services

CA View®. Real results, right now.

Optimize Resources

Provide a cost-effective, single point of access for enterprise documents—minimizing time-consuming manual tasks.

Provide Fast and Secure Access to Report Data

Get powerful report administration tools for secure and efficient distribution of information.

Get a Solution that Grows with Your Business Needs

Integrate with other solutions to automate the flow of reports between mainframe and distributed platforms.

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