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DX Virtual Network Assurance

(formerly CA Virtual Network Assurance)

Extend visibility and ensure reliability of SDN/NFV networks with network monitoring tools by CA.

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See how DX Virtual Network Assurance can extend your visibility into SDx architectures.

Unified Network Performance Monitoring  

A converged NetOps portal is required in order to successfully deploy modern network architectures. You can use these network monitoring tools to enable seamless management of traditional and advanced technologies like SDN, NFV, SDDC, SD-WAN and the cloud in a one-dashboard experience.

Support for Cisco SD-WAN Architectures

Modern network technologies promise automated responses to increased user demand. DX Virtual Network Assurance (formerly CA Virtual Network Assurance) enables you to correlate and validate the application experience with single pane, proactive health monitoring of traditional and new SD-WAN networks.

Support for Cisco ACI and Software-Defined Data Centers

Advanced visualizations of complex Cisco ACI environments provide deployment assurance and on-going health awareness. With our network monitoring tools, you can visualize the new network abstraction via discovery and mapping of your Cisco ACI deployments, along with traditional infrastructure.

Big Data Architecture Transformation 

Modern network technologies will produce a much higher degree of network elements to manage than ever before, pushing the scale limits of traditional monitoring tools. Our solution supports more than four million items at 500,000 metrics per second to reliably meet the expanding monitoring needs of modern network architectures.

The Latest and Greatest Modern SDx Architectures

A modern network monitoring solution should support heterogeneous assurance across the greatest number of technology stacks of traditional, SDN, SDDC, SD–WAN, NFV and hybrid–cloud architectures. That’s why we partner with the most relevant vendors in the industry. DX Virtual Network Assurance enables you to collaborate your way to customer success through modern technology integrations and out partner ecosystem.



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System Requirements

DX Virtual Network Assurance supports RHEL/CentOS 6.5 and 7. Memory: 12GB, 4vCPU and Disk: 20GB.


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