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CA Vtape™ Virtual Tape System

Improve z/OS tape utilization, processing performance and maximize ROI.

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CA Vtape Virtual Tape System (CA Vtape) is a completely software-based virtual tape system designed to help you improve tape utilization and processing performance.

It redirects tape mounts to direct access storage device (DASD) virtual volumes to accommodate instantaneous mounts and instant recalls from DASD.

Using existing tape and mainframe hardware, CA Vtape can maximize your current capital investments while eliminating or defraying further hardware purchases. This mainframe solution can help reduce bottlenecks in your enterprise, decrease floor space requirements and increase processing performance with:

  • Real-time tape monitoring
  • IBM System z® Integrated Information Processor (zIIP) virtualization and compression processing

CA Vtape™ Virtual Tape System. Real results, right now.

Optimize processing performance.

Redirects tape mounts to DASD virtual volumes which accommodates instantaneous mounts and instant recalls from storage

Maximize ROI.

Maximizes the use of existing hardware, features tapeless environments where needed and enables volume sharing without the purchase of expensive channel extenders

Eliminate hardware purchases.

Uses existing tape and mainframe hardware, as well as existing applications, to implement a virtual tape system

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