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AutoSys Workload Automation

(formerly CA Workload Automation AE)

Delivers agility, speed, visibility and scalability to orchestrate a diverse landscape of applications, platforms and technologies.

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AutoSys Workload Automation (formerly CA Workload Automation AE) gives you end-to-end control and visibility of application workloads and dependencies for your business-critical application workload.

AutoSys Workload Automation Features

Data-Driven Event Automation

Run processes exactly when the business needs them by connecting to corporate data and business events. 

Customizable Interface for Self Service    

Unified interface than can be customized for monitoring, administration, development and self-service.

Increase Reach for Workload Automation Policies

Provide integration with Automic One Automation  Platform reaching into Oracle EPM applications such as Hyperion Planning or Financial Management.

Mobile Access

View and manage your AutoSys jobs and workflows on mobile devices 

Cloud Automation

Are you ready to take your business to the cloud?

Built-in Fault Tolerance

Allows for a lights-out operation with intelligent, automated recovery.

Broad Platform and Application Support

Provide dynamic workload placement and platform support across mainframe, distributed, virtual and cloud environments for resource optimization.

Simplified Integration

Simplify integration and automation policy execution with REST-based API. 

Responsive to Change

Scalable, clustered architecture ensures reliability and unlimited capacity.

Real-time Event Consumption and Processing

Detect events automatically from multiple locations and define complex rules to correlate and determine action to be taken.


Provide comprehensive auditing of all automated processing and user activity.


Allows fine levels of granularity to control authorization resources.

The Benefits of AutoSys Workload Automation

Complete Visibility

Be in control with 100% visibility of end-to-end business processing.

Manual Effort Reduced

Enable more users to create workflows by eliminating scripting and decreasing the specific knowledge required to automate applications


Ensure compliance with a centralized audit trail of your processes, errors and remediation.

Efficiency Increase

Deliver more, faster and cheaper.

Consistent and Reliable Service Delivery 

Enable more users to create and monitory business processes across on-premises, cloud, big data and Internet of Things..

Agile Enterprise

Automate faster, deliver sooner and drive competitive advantage.

Enable agility, speed, visibility and scalability for continuous operations with your business applications

Extreme scalability

A single instance delivers industry-proven scalability to manage the most complex workloads.

Consistent and reliable service

A trusted solution allowing staff to focus on higher-value activities.

Enhanced business responsiveness

Real-time automation and dynamic workload placement to efficiently respond to business events.

A workload solution that you can trust

Only CA Technologies, a Broadcom Company delivers:

  • Extreme scalability, without running multiple instances. In order to provide similar production scalability, other systems often require multiple server instances.
  • Audit support to better meet regulatory compliance requirements. Users can define access permissions at any level, and view what was changed by whom.
  • Built-in fault tolerance and recovery. This solution provides reliable, lights-out operations with intelligent, automated recovery. 
  • A fully automated enterprise with intelligent business automation

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