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CA Workload Automation DE (dSeries)

Easy to use, install and manage: automation simplified.

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A single point of control to define, monitor and manage workloads across enterprise applications.

CA Workload Automation DE (dSeries) delivers a user-friendly interface that helps you “manage by exception” and quickly assess downstream business impact.

Hadoop Integration

Coordinate and execute Big Data jobs with cross-enterprise workflows with CA Workload Automation Advanced Integration for Hadoop.

Cross-enterprise Application Support

CA Workload Automation DE extends automation capabilities to a wide variety of processing platforms to integrate business processing with workload management through CA Workload Automation Agents.

CA Workload Automation DE. Real results, right now.

Reduced complexity

A single point of control to define, monitor and manage workloads across enterprise applications.

Greater visibility and ease of use

A user-friendly interface that ensures consistent and reliable service delivery.

Increased Efficiency

Simulations, reporting and event triggers to quickly respond to business events.

Keep things running smoothly with CA Workload Automation

Customers are choosing CA over the competition because DE delivers:

  • A small footprint with fewer moving parts and less complexity, while maximizing performance.
  • Unique event driven architecture reduces and simplifies scheduling definitions, allowing operations or application development teams to easily define schedules and calendars once and reuse them many times.
  • Built-in forecasting and simulation capabilities minimizes the potential for human error while ensuring what is scheduled is possible, and satisfies the need to complete jobs on time.

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