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DX Infrastructure Manager for cloud monitoring

Most comprehensive solution for proactively monitoring cloud and hybrid IT environments

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Boost user experience with a single, comprehensive solution for cloud.

DX Infrastructure Manager for cloud monitoring enables you to proactively and efficiently optimize performance across private or public cloud environments. It’s a comprehensive, unified solution that provides on-premises infrastructure and cloud monitoring through a single view and backend architecture. For customers, this translates into faster mean time to repair and cloud adoption as well as the reduced cost and complexity of managing multiple monitoring tools.

Award Winning Solution

What is Cloud Monitoring?

With cloud monitoring, you can ensure optimal experience and utilization of both public and hybrid cloud-based infrastructures. It gives you the insights you need to proactively deliver the best experience from your cloud-based environments. When your monitoring tools can manage both on-premises and cloud infrastructure in a unified way, you can quickly find and fix problems that might arise during cloud migration. Additionally, this solution for monitoring your cloud infrastructure allows you to track provider SLA commitments and keep cloud usage costs in check as well.

Key Features of DX Infrastructure Manager for Cloud Monitoring

cloud- most comprehensive

Most Comprehensive Cloud Monitoring

DX Infrastructure Manager is a single, easy-to-use and powerful solution to proactively ensure performance of your own private cloud infrastructures like OpenStack, VMware and Nutanix or public cloud platforms like Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure.

Deeper Insights Into Your Clouds

Native cloud monitoring tools typically have gaps in the metrics they provide. DX Infrastructure Manager provides out of the box, holistic monitoring down to the OS level. You can visualize and get alerted on the true health of your cloud in minutes.

Sprawl and Billing Analytics

DX Infrastructure Manager provides out of the box sprawl analytics and reporting to help identify under or over utilized public cloud resources. It also enables managers to keep budgets under control, enabling alerts to be established based upon specific budget thresholds.

UIM Cloud visibility

Pre- and Post-Cloud Migration Visibility

Get end-to-end visibility into your cloud migration lifecycle to ensure success with DX Infrastructure Manager. Track SLA’s pre- and post-migration to optimize cloud performance.

Open, Flexible Architecture

DX Infrastructure Manager for cloud monitoring provides an open, flexible architecture and APIs that allow you to deploy, extend and automate monitoring as required by today’s highly dynamic and cloud environments.

SLA Tracking and Performance Trending

The built-in capabilities for SLA management enable you to manage your cloud resources with the same rigor and commitment as on-premises resources. Historical performance trending and correlation analysis reports enable you to find root cause of issues faster and manage capacity better.

Real-Time Dashboards and Reports

DX Infrastructure Manager’s out-of-the-box, intuitive dashboards and sophisticated reporting help you find and fix private or public cloud infrastructure problems faster. Plus, these capabilities help keep the bosses happy with executive-level views and scheduled reports.

Intelligent and Proactive Alerting

Features such as dynamic thresholds can reduce false alerts and team fatigue. Advance analytics proactively identify issues before user experience suffers. These capacities also display a prioritized list of problems that represent situations administrators should watch and fix.

Rapid Configuration and Deployment

Leverage DX Infrastructure Manager for cloud monitoring’s out-of-the-box configuration templates and dashboards to rapidly configure and deploy monitoring across all your critical cloud and on-premises resources. Additionally, there is minimum training time for staff because they use a single tool for on-premises and cloud monitoring.

Cloud Monitoring Guide By Conversational Geek

Organizations adopt the cloud because they want a better, and more agile experience. As such, cloud monitoring tools should be able to keep pace with whatever an organization is doing in the cloud, without getting in the way, or becoming a barrier to agility. In this book, you’ll learn the best practices for monitoring complex clouds to deliver on SLAs, improve performance, and keep costs in check.

Key Platforms Supported

Amazon Web Services

Gain the insights you need to proactively monitor the reliability of your AWS environment and streamline AWS monitoring administration with a unified, easy-to-use tool.


Monitor the health and performance of your OpenStack-enabled-cloud deployments.


Report and collect data about the health and availability of Nutanix cluster, host, VM, storage pool, container and disk components.

Microsoft Azure

Boost the reliability of your Microsoft Azure infrastructure by proactively monitoring performance and service level agreements.

VMWare VCloud

Comprehensive cloud technology monitoring solution for events, alarms and performance within vCloud environments


Monitor Docker environments and the processes or services running on them.

Private Cloud Monitoring

Establish optimal service levels, streamline private cloud monitoring administration and better track and demonstrate the business value of IT and private cloud investments.


Monitor the performance and usage of the PureStorage FlashArray systems.

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