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Continuous Delivery

Innovation and Agility at Scale

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Simple pipelines are not enough. To scale continuous delivery, you need an intelligent pipeline.

Pipelines are at the heart of Continuous Delivery, but simple continuous delivery pipelines are not enough anymore. In order to scale continuous delivery across the enterprise you need intelligent pipelines to help you release higher quality software at a greater velocity and reduced cost. An intelligent pipeline is not simply an automated delivery mechanism, instead it facilitates data-driven decision making, proactively identifies quality issues before rollouts and accelerates delivery of business value. Built-in intelligence means your pipelines continuously monitor and optimize for both speed and quality using data analytics and machine learning algorithms.

Intelligent pipelines – Key Capabilities

Where Do Your Tools Fit Within the Continuous Delivery Landscape?

The ever-evolving DevOps landscape has created a disordered sprawl. So how do you construct a coherent continuous delivery toolchain in such a complex and diverse arena? Our interactive map allows you to explore the most prominent continuous delivery tools and understand how Automic Continuous Delivery can bridge the gap between your different tools, ensuring the different stages of your releases are just stops on a smoothly orchestrated journey.

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