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Continuous Testing

Continuous testing helps you build better apps, faster.

What is Continuous Testing?

Continuous testing is the practice of integrating testing as a fundamental and ongoing aspect of every activity though the software delivery cycle. Continuous testing allows tests to be automatically created and executed so that defects can be identified and corrected as soon as possible.

Continuous testing starts in the planning phase with automated test case design, directly mapped to application requirements. It continues into the development phase, where test environments can be emulated using service virtualization and test data is created, masked and sub-setted with test data management. Test execution is fully automated with continuous testing and feedback loops are established so that operational data can be used to inform future test case design.

What do I need to do to enable continuous testing within my organization?

As the application economy pressures you to roll out applications more quickly, you may find that traditional testing tools are becoming a bottleneck. CA offers the tools you need to get started on the path to continuous testing. Find out why CA customers report the following benefits:

  • 71 percent improved the speed of their QA/testing process by 35 to 75 percent
  • 68 percent reduced production defects by 35 to 75 percent
  • 67 percent reduced testing costs by 35 to 75 percent

Source: February 2018 TechValidate Survey of CA Continuous Testing customers

Featured Solutions

CA Agile Requirements Designer

Improve software quality, reduce testing costs and speed up application delivery.

CA Service Virtualization

Accelerate your development and testing of apps for optimal customer experience.

CA Test Data Manager

Reduce time-to-market with a complete end-to-end test data management solution.

CA Continuous Delivery Director

Make your release planning and management as agile as your development.


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