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Data Masking

Your Guide to Data Masking and How It Can Help You Safeguard Your Data During Testing



What You Need to Know About Data Masking for the Mainframe

What is data masking?

Data masking is the process of changing or hiding certain data elements within a set of data so that the data structure remains the same while the contents are changed. This is done to protect sensitive information such as real names, addresses, social security numbers, credit card numbers and so on.

With recent data breaches, companies are paying closer attention to how they use production data for testing purposes. Legislation such as GDPR and other data privacy laws restrict how companies can use sensitive customer information. Data masking is one of the first steps to protecting production data, but it is not the only step.

Some Test Data Management solutions provide the ability to synthetically generate test data so that data is created from scratch, avoiding the use of real data. Many companies are adopting a hybrid approach where they are masking test data and creating synthetic data when needed.

Looking to mask your data on the mainframe? This practical guide will teach you the steps needed to mask data on a mainframe using the CA Test Data Manager solution.

Data masking hides or obfuscates sensitive and classified data. The goal is to protect data that is used for purposes such as development, testing and QA cycles. Data masking a standard practice that is often required for compliance with national and international data protection legislation, such as the GDPR.

Make your applications take flight with the right test data.

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Continuous Testing has big business benefits.

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Find and reserve test data.

Learn how testers use the dynamic self-service forms in CA Test Data Manager to interactively find, view, analyze and reserve the test data. The CA Test Data Manager Portal helps organizations manage the full life-cycle of test data reservation. It allows Test Data Engineers (TDEs) to create test data models, which simplifies the overall data reservation process by encapsulating the automatic creation and management of test data marts.

Watch this video to learn how to find and reserve test data in your organization, giving testers more flexibility to locate the data they need for testing.

Start your CA Test Data Manager test drive today.

Compliance officers, testers and QA teams can utilize CA Test Data Manager's complete test data management solution to improve their data security and compliance posture, identify sensitive PII data, find and reserve test data and generate missing data.

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