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CA Database Management for IMS for z/OS®

Optimize database performance, increase data availability and conserve CPU resources.

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Database Management Solutions for IMS™ for z/OS® enable an enterprise to optimize database performance

With Database Management Solutions for IMS™ for z/OS®, you'll experience faster data retrieval, quickly create and rebuild indexes, implement secondary indexes on Fast Path databases, minimize backup and recovery times, increase data availability, conserve CPU resources and provide consistent, secure data that can be recovered in minimal time.

Database Management for IMS for z/OS. Real results, right now.

Efficient IMS Database Administration and Management

Ease the burden of managing and maintaining IMS structures and help increase productivity.

Reliable Backup and Recovery for IMS

Create secure backups, establish recovery procedures and execute disaster recovery.

Optimal IMS Database Performance

Use sophisticated analysis to help keep IMS structures performing optimally.

Dependability You Can Trust

You can depend on our IMS Database Management Solutions to optimize and automate database performance for reduced backup and recovery times, more efficient CPU usage, faster data retrieval or recovery, and better data availability.

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