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DevOps Analytics

Make a measurable difference in the Modern Software Factory.

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Taking the measure of your modern software factory

The Modern Software Factory is all about producing the best code possible—code that creates amazing customer experiences and competitive differentiation. But what is ‘the best’ anyway? This can vary from organization to organization, but there are typically four dimensions that are assessed: speed, quality, security and alignment. Learn about the important DevOps analytics you need to stay competitive and how to capture and leverage them.

Improving DevOps KPIs Starts with Continuous Testing

To make substantial improvements in your continuous delivery pipeline performance today, you must take a close look at your testing/QA practices. Largely manual and disconnected from the release flow, testing is holding many companies back from becoming modern software factories. Test automation, however, is only one step toward improving efficiency. You need to adopt intelligent continuous testing practices that will help you find and fix issues as soon as they are introduced into the pipeline. Through an integrated testing toolchain, you can automate parallel test execution, accelerate development fixes with faster feedback and enable real-time, informed decisions on release health.

Continuous Delivery Pipeline Visibility and Analytics

Being able to control and visualize your continuous delivery pipeline and then continually optimize the execution of releases from planning into production becomes essential for modern software factory operation. CA Continuous Delivery Director, offered in both SaaS and on-premises, drives multi-app release planning and management, intelligent continuous testing, and actionable DevOps analytics leveraging integrations with tools across the application lifecycle. Once you have your releases instrumented with CA Continuous Delivery Director, you can make data-driven decisions about releases in real time and plot your journey to a more automated continuous delivery pipeline.

The Most Critical DevOps Metric: Customer Experience

DevOps analytics extend beyond the performance of your pipeline. You could say that the most important metric to watch is how your apps are performing for your customers. CA Digital Experience Insights is a SaaS-based digital experience monitoring and analytics solution, offering an integrated set of app experience analytics, application performance management and infrastructure management capabilities. And seamlessly closing the loop from customer experience back into application planning, requirements and delivery enables you to provide continuous value to your customers.

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