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DX AIOps for Digital Experience Monitoring (DEM)

(formerly CA Digital Experience Insights)

AIOps-driven platform for smarter, faster IT Ops.

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Insight-rich, cross-correlated monitoring and analytics

DX AIOps (formerly CA Digital Experience Insights) is an AIOps-driven platform, which correlates data across users, applications, infrastructure and network services. It applies machine learning and advanced analytics to deliver a new level of visibility and actionable operational intelligence.

Built on top of a powerful analytics engine, which leverages open technologies such as Elasticsearch, Kibana and Apache® Spark™, DX AIOps uniquely provides comprehensive monitoring and analytics and is available via public, private and hybrid cloud.

AIOps Platform Block Diagram


Leverage AI and machine learning across users, apps, infrastructure and networks to improve user experience.

Ensure great user experiences.

Built on an open, flexible analytics foundation, DX AIOps delivers intuitive reports and crash analytics that reveal a deeper understanding of your customers’ complete digital experience—across Web, mobile and wearables. Use these insights to grow and retain your customer base, increase revenue and quickly deliver innovation by boosting development productivity.

Improve application performance.

DX AIOps monitors app performance, all the way from click to code to the infrastructure, so DevOps teams can fix problems fast and identify opportunities for improvement. Cut through complexity, proactively improve app performance and maximize the value of every digital interaction with a full feature set that includes:

  • Automatic problem discovery and assisted triage workflows
  • Intuitive application topology views with time-based correlation
  • App performance drill-downs into Docker, Node.js, PHP, Java™, .NET and more

Intelligently monitor your infrastructure.

With DX AIOps, you can create a competitive advantage with monitoring across your full stack from user to app to infrastructure, including:

  • Cloud Services
  • Physical and Virtual Systems
  • Storage
  • Databases
  • Networks and more

Intuitive visualizations, full reporting and predictive alerting give you timely, total visibility. You’ll speed mean time to repair, accelerate deployment and reduce monitoring effort and expense.

Make smarter, faster decisions with cross-domain intelligence.

DX AIOps provides comprehensive insights by ingesting and analyzing a diverse data set including metric, topology, text and log data. The machine learning-driven analytics, along with out-of-the-box visualization and correlation, helps drive a superior user experience and deliver significant operational efficiencies.

What is Digital Experience Monitoring?

Digital experience monitoring provides digital operations monitoring and analytics for the end to end digital delivery chain—from user to app and application components through to the infrastructure and back end services. Digital experience monitoring is best provided through an integrated set of end-user analytics, application performance and infrastructure management services that provide a holistic view into the user experience, business transactions and digital infrastructure. With digital experience monitoring, developers and IT ops teams can gain deep application and infrastructure visibility, cross-tier correlated insights and guided problem resolution to ensure the delivery of exceptional digital experiences.

Monitor digital experience in minutes. 

It’s easy and free for 30 days.


DX AIOps helps companies thrive. But don’t just take our word for it.

CA definitely has a more advanced visualization than anything we’ve used before, and it’s easier to get an understanding of what the data means.

Chris Kilroy, Director of Client Integration and Activation, CNN

This new take on Digital Experience Management is very differently conceived, architected, and functionally delivered than its competitors.

EMA Impact Brief, 2017

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