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Docker Monitoring

Analytics-driven Docker monitoring for cloud applications and microservices

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Recognized as a Leader in the 2019 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Application Performance Monitoring

Future-proof Docker containers and microservices architecture with comprehensive Docker monitoring.

Combining automatic detection, deep visibility, and massively scalable metric collection and analytics, Docker monitoring from CA Technologies, A Broadcom Company helps businesses optimize application performance across dynamic container environments.

Regardless of your application architecture, our automated and hassle-free configuration means you start monitoring in minutes, with rich analytics delivering powerful insights as your Docker environment grows—helping ensure that this powerful platform delivers on its promise of conducting digital business at scale.

How to monitor Docker?

Organizations are embracing Docker to speed development, but a lack of performance visibility across more complex application architectures can compromise this goal. What’s now needed are modern monitoring approaches that natively support Docker and don’t overburden teams with lengthy configurations and unnecessary overhead. Modern APM better supports Docker with a low-touch, maximum visibility approach, including automatic flow and dependency mapping, adaptive baselining and performance correlation across hosts, containers and applications–in the most complex and demanding distributed microservices architectures.

90% of surveyed IT organizations rate DX APM ability to monitor cloud-native and containerized applications in Hybrid Cloud as superior to the competition.

Source: TechValidate.

Reduce Monitoring Complexity With Complete Docker Visibility

Easily track clusters of Docker containers and gain comprehensive insight into performance across dynamic Docker environments, apps and microservices.

  • Automatically discover and track containers, aggregate performance by what matters–services.
  • Analyze and compare Docker services using dashboards, drill down into critical resource and performance metrics.
  • Use metadata to simplify complex maps into real-time multi-performance views–by any app, service–add custom data to extend visibility.

Drive Docker Improvements With Change Impact Analysis

Helps every team determine how any Docker change–in services, clusters, hosts, containers, apps and code impacts application performance.

  • Quickly identify Docker services and architectures that correlate to the highest levels of performance.
  • Track back across time to understand how the changes in Docker topology, status and attributes impacts application performance.
  • Automatically aggregate performance metrics as Docker systems grow and scale.

Optimize Docker Performance With Analytics and Actionable-alerting

Reduce costly false alarms and leverage analytics driven workflows to address complex Docker problems.

  • Distinguishes real problems and anomalies from minor alerts using dynamic performance baselining.
  • Finds the needle in the ‘haystack of needles’ using root-cause analytics and automated triage workflows.
  • Gathers symptoms and evidence to eliminate repeat problems, gain production confidence and drive Docker improvements.

Accelerate Time-to-Value With Flexible Docker Monitoring

Combine low-touch monitoring with deeper app performance insight across critical APIs, distributed apps and microservices.

  • Non-intrusive technology discovers and tracks all types of containerized applications and transactions.
  • Automatically correlates performance across apps, containers and hosts.
  • Pinpoints business impacting latency issues across network-centric and API-communicating microservices.
  • Monitors app and cluster heath in dynamic environments–including Docker Swarm, OpenShift, Mesos and Kubenetes.

Seven Trends in Docker Monitoring – Actionable Guidance for Mastering the Monitoring of Your Container Environment

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