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Enterprise Performance Management

Deliver stunning customer experiences by integrating mainframe operations.

Mile wide. Mile deep.

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Improve mainframe economics and increase business agility.

It’s the age of the customer, where customer experience is everything. And they will swiftly slip away if you can’t match their expectations. Is your mainframe ready? Or more accurately, are your IT operations ready to deliver that expected, flawless customer experience?

Unfortunately, today’s IT must deal with yesterday’s siloed organizations with only loosely integrated policies and environments. So, what can you do to transform your infrastructure to increase business agility while driving down costs? Establish both the breadth to monitor end-to-end business services and the depth to quickly remediate issues that arise along service delivery chains with help from Enterprise Performance Management solutions from CA.

Half of all companies say their industry is being very or highly disrupted by the application economy.

But those that understand how to manage the impact and exploit new opportunities reap the benefits.

*Source: Vanson Bourne Global Survey, September 2014 (CA Technologies Sponsored Research)

Proven Results: Mile Wide, Mile Deep

Only CA Technologies can provide you with a comprehensive suite of integrated, cross-enterprise infrastructure and operations solutions that is proven: mile wide, mile deep.

Consider, one leading global financial services provider who was under pressure to get customer solutions to market faster. CA was able to deliver the software that let them optimize their IT infrastructure, services and underlying business processes. The results were dramatic:

  • 118% increase in operational efficiency
  • 51% fewer cancellations on batch processes
  • Increased jobs executed annually from 1.6M to 3.5M
  • Reduced batch timeframe to 1.5 hours
Deliver an exceptional experience every time an application touches your mainframe with our enterprise performance management solutions.

Get the most from your CA Solutions with our latest innovations.

Mile Wide.



Mile Deep.





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