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Layer7® Identity & Access Management

Trusted identities start here.

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Modern Identity and Access Management

How can organizations secure the user journey in a digital world where many of the traditional defensive layers are no longer present? Users and applications are the point of attack and the security of digital relationships becomes a question of trust.

You need to strengthen your digital relationships by seamlessly connecting trusted users to trusted applications, all while preventing fraudulent access and session hijacking. Trusted identities are the foundation of identity and access management, offering a seamless digital experience that makes it easy for you to do business with the enhanced security that your customers, employees and partners expect.

Modern Identity and Access Management Solutions


  • Deliver trusted access between users and applications through continuous and context-based authentication
  • Detect user, network and device risk automatically and transparently
  • Make risk-adjusted access decisions only when needed and with minimal friction to the user

Single Sign-On

  • Enable trusted users with seamless cross-application access
  • Simplify access across cloud, mobile, Web applications and use of identity federation standards from any device
  • Prevent account takeover with the most advanced session assurance on the market

Identity Management and Governance

  • Grant trusted users access to on-premises and cloud applications with broad provisioning
  • Increase audit and compliance efficiency by streamlining governance campaigns
  • Manage identity with consumer-grade scalability and real-time policy enforcement and entitlement analysis

Directory Services

  • Connect trusted users to trusted applications faster, to deliver the experience your users expect
  • Provide a highly-responsive and always-available application experience with fewer resources
  • Achieve superior scalability, reliability and an 84% higher overall performance than the competition


Mitigate Security Risks

We ensure only the right users have the right access by continuously monitoring access activity, analyzing the relationship between your users and applications and implementing adaptive security controls when user behavior patterns deviate from the normal for billions of online transaction and authentication requests each month, in any access environment—on-premises, cloud or hybrid.

Transform Your Business

Your users expect to seamlessly interact with your business, wherever they may be. We deliver identity and access management coupled with analytics that enable you to digitally transform while keeping your business secure. We manage and monitor users at scale and mitigate risks with context-driven security that doesn’t interfere with the experience, so you can focus on digitally interacting with your users in new ways to drive growth.

Build Trusted Identities

You won’t do business with an organization you don’t trust. We build trusted identities to build the trust in your digital relationships. We detect user, network and device risk automatically and transparently, so you know exactly what user is doing what, making it easy for your trusted users to do business with you, so you can keep doing business.

Why Layer7 for modern identity and access management?

Our modern identity and access management portfolio incorporates authentication, single sign-on, identity provisioning and governance and directory solutions into a comprehensive suite for managing identity and access. The technologies can be configured in a variety of flexible deployment models to solve a wide range of customer use cases and can scale to meet the needs of the most large and demanding customers. We can aggregate and correlate identity and access rights across a wide range of systems including on-premises applications, cloud applications and privileged user identities to create trusted identities and build trust in your digital relationships.

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Building Blocks for Modern Identity and Access Management

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