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IT Process Automation Manager

Design, deploy and administer the automation of IT operational procedures.

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Designed to speed the delivery of IT services while helping to remove manual errors.

By defining, automating and orchestrating processes across organizational silos that use disparate systems, IT Process Automation Manager (formerly CA Process Automation) helps improve productivity while also enforcing standards.

With IT Process Automation Manager, you can automate IT processes that span multiple organizations and systems, reduce the time it takes to deliver services and enforce standards and compliance policies across departments.

IT Process Automation Manager helps you automate IT processes to:

  • Reduce operational expenses
  • Increase staff productivity
  • Speed IT service delivery
  • Improve service quality
  • Enforce compliance polices

IT Process Automation Manager. Real results, right now.


Visual authoring tool speeds and simplifies automation from concept to production to help you save money and move forward faster

Data bus

Flexible and easy-to-use data bus to support the most complex use case.

Visual exception handling

Notification of exceptions when a process enters an unknown state and can automatically remediate the situation without having to restart the entire process.

Role-based access control

Control exactly who is authorized to create and manage processes.

Superior architecture

Supports scalability, high availability and fault tolerance on the widest set of platforms to execute hundreds of processes simultaneously.

Activity triggers

Enables processes to have one or more activity type triggers, such as user interactions, inbound API calls or schedules, driven where the response is represented by a process.

Benefits of IT Process Automation Manager

Speed service delivery

Description: Improves delivery times over manual processes.

Greatly reduce time

Description: Reduce time to provision business services, applications, and infrastructure.

Minimize manual errors

Description: Eliminate manual errors that cause service outages

Increase staff productivity

Description: Free up resources for strategic projects

Help achieve compliance

Description: Achieve compliance for process-driven configuration settings

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