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DX Infrastructure Manager for log monitoring

Proactively optimize infrastructure experience with log analytics.

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Modernize your monitoring with contextual log monitoring and analysis.

DX Infrastructure Manager provides unique, contextual log monitoring and analysis that speeds root-cause analysis and helps resolve issues more rapidly. This log monitoring solution automatically aggregates and normalizes log data from multiple sources, generates actionable dashboards and provides contextual alarms against events for proactive issue resolution. These log analytics help IT teams dramatically boost infrastructure experience and optimize key resources.  


Out-of-the-Box, Actionable Dashboards

DX Infrastructure Manager for log monitoring provides holistic log analytics dashboards that help you identify key events and trends to keep an eye across multiple log sources. Summary insights into key events can help you focus on the right trends.

Rich Visualization Across Various Log Types

Drill down with rich visualization for log analysis across individual log files including Docker, syslog, Microsoft Windows®event log, Apache access and error, Tomcat access and Catalina, Microsoft IIS, Oracle Java log4j, Oracle, and Microsoft SQL Server®.

Ad-Hoc Search

DX Infrastructure Manager for log monitoring offers easy search and extensibility across different log types for rapid root-cause analysis as well as save queries or policies for future use and proactive correlation.

Correlation and Contextual Alerts

Perform correlation analysis across diverse logs, data sets and DX Infrastructure Manager alarms. Relevant log event alarms are pushed into DX Infrastructure Manager for log monitoring’s alarm console to provide context to infrastructure issues, resulting in faster issue resolution.

Automated, Unified Configuration

Use a single, automated tool for log monitoring and infrastructure performance monitoring. This results in a rapid, unified approach to log monitoring deployment through templates across groups and devices.

Scalable Storage

The log monitoring solution provides cloud native, multi-tenant and scalable architecture to store high volumes of data from multiple sources for performing log analysis.


Proactively identify issues.

Leverage rich visualization to compare unstructured log and event data over time for pattern and anomaly detection.

Speed triage and root-cause analysis.

Get in-context alerts and the ability to correlate between events and alarms.

Save time and boost staff productivity.

Aggregate logs from multiple files into a single source for log analysis and utilize a single tool for infrastructure and log monitoring configuration.

DX Infrastructure Manager for Cloud Monitoring

Proactively monitor cloud and hybrid IT environments with capabilities complementary of log analysis.

DX Infrastructure Manager

Analytics-driven, agile monitoring for today’s infrastructures with capabilities beyond log monitoring.

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